Nellie and Tabs meet again at a reunion, years after they lived in the same commune and worked together on an alternative magazine. When they see each other, the strong feelings of their youth flood back. Nellie realises that Tabs remembers their on-off relationship differently to him. He reconstructs the events of 1975 using letters they wrote to each other at the time. His account explains how he bought cannabis from the Drugs Squad and stole secrets from the Ministry of Defence, in a naïve attempt to impress Tabs. His bravado meant that he was on the run from the police and unable to help Tabs in her hour of need in Holloway Prison, where she was remanded for inciting soldiers to disaffect. Forty years on, Nellie and Tabs have the opportunity to re-embark on the relationship their younger selves could not sustain.



Word on the Street

This is a great read - funny and quirkily romantic, it surprised me right up to the last page. The story immerses you in the atmosphere of 70's counter-culture with all of its idealism, hedonism and contradictions. The characters are interesting and engaging and I missed them when I'd finished. Highly recommended.

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This a is a trip - in both senses - to the 1970s. It's not the same 1970s as I experienced it, but more like the 1970s as some of my friends saw it. The book conjures up that mix of radical action against a background of a political establishment. It's a reminder of the gloom that was also a part of that period. It's a bit like watching an old film with muted colours, the reds and greens being taken over by greys.

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A brilliant read! This book gives a fascinating insight into an alternative life style of the1970s. I read it twice to make sure that I had not missed anything, not having the chance to indulge at the time.

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